I have an oil for that!

About 2 weeks ago, I made the unfortunate decision to clean my house! I know. What was I thinking? And not just any ole clean but on my hands and knees wiping baseboards and such clean.   Well, needless to say, by the time I was ready for bed that night, my back was quite sore. The next day, it was much, much worse. On and off for 2 weeks now, I have been suffering with this pain.

In comes the issue when you begin to change how you do things, at least for me anyway…you forget to do things the new way! Well, after a day of putting together Ikea furniture, guess who just remembered she has an oil for her back? This girl!

I tried something new to me called the layering method. Here is how it works and what I used. So, dōTERRA® has a proprietary blend, Deep Blue®, that is good for easing achy joints and sore muscles. The first step is to apply a drop of Deep Blue on the area that is bothersome and rub it into the skin. (Some people are sensitive to Deep Blue®, so you should do a spot test first to see if you are sensitive or just go ahead and dilute it with a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, or Olive Oil.) Once the Deep Blue was rubbed in and the area dry, I added a drop of Frankincense, which is an enhancer oil. In this case, the Frankincense enhances the soothing effects of the Deep Blue®. Once the Frankincense was rubbed in and the area dry, I added Peppermint, which is a driver oil. The Peppermint drives the Deep Blue® and Frankincense into the problem area.

I cannot tell you how much pain I have been in recently. I have not been able to move without moaning, especially after my Ikea adventures today. Well, I had AMAZING relief…IMMEDIATELY! There was no waiting for the meds to enter the body, dissolve, and work their way through to the area. The relief was immediate. Sure, I can still feel where I am tender but I can walk and bend over with no problem…or moaning!

Well, my daughter hurt her knee the other day and has been complaining all weekend! (This has been an ongoing issue for a while now!) Unfortunately, she cannot take NSAIDs due to her health issues as they increase inflammation. And, well, Tylenol never seems to work. Our go to is this amazing cream, Penetrex, but that wasn’t even working! And the Chiropractor and therapy seemed to agitate it even more. Needless to say, I immediately took my oils into her room and put it on her knee using the layering method. Immediate relief! WHAT?

I seriously need someone running behind me all day whispering…YOU HAVE AN OIL FOR THAT!!!! And this, my friends, is why I LOVE dōTERRA® Essential Oils!

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