New Wellness Advocate

Are you a new Wellness Advocate? If so, this is for you!

First, let me say…WELCOME! I am so excited that you want to become the first line of defense for your family’s wellness. It is extremely empowering to help support our family’s health from a natural perspective!

My job is to support you…right where you are! What do I mean by that? Well, there are different types of Wellness Advocates.

  • There are Wellness Advocates who are satisfied with personally experiencing the benefits of using dōTERRA® Essential Oils to help sustain a healthy home.
  • There are some Wellness Advocates who have experienced significant results and, therefore, are excited to share their experiences with friends.
  • Then, there are those Wellness Advocates who are so satisfied with the results they have achieved with dōTERRA® Essential Oils that they now want to represent the company in a way that allows them to not only share their experiences but to also build their own business. If this is you, let me know! I am building my business and am interested in helping you build yours.

Wherever you are in your Wellness Advocate journey, I am here to support you and there are a few things you need to know!

Personal Volume (PV):

For many products, PV will match the wholesale value. However, there are a few products where the PV will be lower than the cost. Keep in mind that the costof shipping and taxes do not have a PV value. Therefore, you total order amount will likely be more than your PV amount.

Shipping Rewards:

Shipping amounts are set based on what type of shipping you choose and do not vary based on amount being shipped. However, whatever you spend in shipping you will get back in PV so long as it is done online via an LRP order.

Back Office:

You really need to know and understand how your back office works.  In order to get into it, you will go to Please speak with me regarding your password if you were not with me when I enrolled you.

Back Office Training:

There is training EVERY MONDAY night at 2pm and 10pm CST. The information for this training is found in our Facebook group page under Files.

Loyalty Rewards Program:

When you enrolled, a 100PV LRP was created for you with a predetermined ship date based on our conversations and on your scan, if you had one.  Why?  Let me break down the various significant PV stages:

150PV: You are a serious business builder. We can discuss this in more detail another time.

125 PV: You want to get the Oil of the Month for FREE.  Your LRP has been scheduled to ship before the 15th of the month.  However, if you are not ready to place your order by the date that has been scheduled or you are not interested in the Oil of the Month, you may change it.  That is the date that will remain every month thereafter until you change it again.

100PV: If you plan on using dōTERRA® as a potential source of income you need to know that the computer generates all commission checks.  When generating the checks, if you do not have a 100PV order in your LRP and sitting at 100PV at all times, your commission will go to the next person above you who does have 100PV sitting in their LRP.  Therefore, if you are ever playing around and changing your LRP, be sure it has 100PV in it at all times.  Make sure you save changes and go back in and double check it. Many people have made this mistake and missed out on their commission.

50PV: This is the lowest amount you can order each month to keep your place in earning your Loyalty Rewards Credits and continue earning points.

Loyalty Rewards Credits

1PV: Orders with a minimum of 1 PV will maintain both your Loyalty Reward level (%) and previously accrued points. Anything less and you will lose all points you have earned and go back to lowest Loyalty Reward level (%).

***In order to participate in the LRP program, you will always want to modify your LRP and only order from there. You do NOT want to order through your shopping cart. One word of advice…always add before subtracting from your LRP. It helps you to be constantly aware of whether you are at or below the 100PV level.


If you enrolled via this promotion, ordering 100PV is a requirement for the month of March.  Once your 100PV order is processed for March, you will get 125PV to spend in April.

Monthly Specials:

With every new month comes a new special.  Every month, there is an Oil of the Month. Why is that special? Well, if your LRP is 125PV or more and the ship date is before the 15th of the month, you will get the Oil of the Month for FREE! Every month it is a new oil and, therefore, you want to avoid having your LRP ship the first day or two of the month so that you have time to modify your LRP…just in case!




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